Fascinating read

First, I love Roman history. I particularly enjoy the transition from Republic to Empire.

So any news that helps bring Rome to life grabs my attention pretty quickly.

I just read an article on a man in Herculaneum, near Vesuvius and only a few miles away from Pompeii, had his brain turned into glass thanks to the eruption.

Just finished this one. Very good book that is less commentary and more historical book on the Evangelical church in America from last century till now. Much of the topic covers what I experienced myself in more non denominational church settings than what I do now with my United Methodist background. Professor Du Mez does a great job showing the way religion is perverted for political means.

I just started Once Upon A Time in Hollywood the novel.


Is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood listed as fiction or non-fiction? Because the movie took some liberties, especially with the ending as you likely know.

I read Helter Skelter by Bugliosi, the main prosecutor of the case before watching the movie (I think at Sancho’s recommendation). It was a fun ride, but made the ending of the movie confusing. Still, a well done movie.

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Oh it’s fiction. QT is known for writing fiction based around actual events. Much like on Inglourious Basterds a group of American soldiers didn’t kill Hitler. I kind of enjoy alternate timeline stuff.

The fight scene is allegedly bases off a real event with Bruce Lee and an older stunt guy Gene LaBell