Fan based NIL for players

Hey guys I own a NIL company that has gotten athletes thousands of dollars in a short period of time at other universities

We are branching out to Utah

If you’d be interested in supporting players by subscribing to get exclusive interviews and events and support players with NIL deals (from the subscription money)

Let me know I’m gauging initial internet

Perhaps you can help us understand how everything works. The entire NIL structure is confusing and seems problematic or subject to some abuse. How can or do fans get involved legally?

Fair enough. So we have worked with NCAA compliance reps in the past. and as long as value is added fans can support them through a subscription to content.

So here is how it woks if we can get 15 fans to sub for $10 a month to the content we make then we will hire a player for $100 a month through an NIL deal to provide insider reports and content.

It is all legal and really helps the players and program. We have experience with this and can make it work easy. We even have Buy from Solomon Enes and some other players what need is fan support to make it all work.

So, you are crowdsource funding from fans, take your cut, then funnel some to the athletes through an NIL deal in exchange for them to provide some insights on their experiences?

Perhaps that is a model that works, but I’d probably want to deal with someone that can write more professionally in their ‘business plan’ when reaching out to potential contributors/constituents. This is basically an ad, right?

I am not twisting any arms here. If you don’t want to support that is cool. There are operating cost to create the content and host the site. We are very generous with our profit sharing.

And we have buy in from your players. If this how the fanbase is I worry we won’t get this going for you guys.

they are getting 2/3rds before we even calculate our costs. does that seem unfair?

Well, that’s certainly one way to make a first impression.


I have it on good authority that something much better for the athletes is in the works regarding NIL. Stay tuned folks and I’ll tell you more about it when I am able to.


Bummer was really hopeful you’d guys would be more receptive to this. If you’re not interested then that is cool. Good to know where we can get ROI and buy in for the athletes we work with.

My advice folks, after seeing what is going on around the country is that it would be WISE to stick with a reputable source when it comes to NIL. I don’t know anything about this individual but there are many pitfalls for people who want to help with NIL and the athletes.

And I think people are tuned into that mostly which is why you are receiving a cool reception - not saying you aren’t reputable, but this is the nature of what is essentially a cold call. But regardless, stay tuned for an opportunity that is legit and through a reputable source.