Fairly simple tech/software question

Of you guys who use a vpn, which one to you recommend, and why?

I’m looking to use one, mostly so I can watch bike races from Europe.

ExpressVPN gets lots of live from Steve Gibson on Security Now, but then they are sponsors. Still, I have a lot of trust in Steve. I bought Windscribe a couple of years ago and have had zero problems. They have a free tier and the paid deals are pretty inexpensive. I’ll renew again when my 3 year deal ends.

Gotta love having cycling back on again this year!

This will get the Security Now 3 month’s free deal
Windscribe is even cheaper than the “deal”

I’m very glad to have cycling more or less back. Paris-Roubaix has been postponed until October. France is under lockdown again. But at least Ronde van Vlaanderen went off without a hitch today.

Thank you for the info. I’ll look into both of your suggestions.

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