Extend Larry Now

Larry is one of the top three coaches in our league. Who you gonna put ahead of him? Sean Miller? Dana Altman? Give me a break.

Rank them.

Mark it down, next year Larry goes 11-7 in conference, finish in the top quarter.

I bet our basketball team outperforms the football team next year. Really, they probably will this year but there’s no way to gauge because of the covid impacted season.

Kyle will go 5-4 and people will still want to build a statue of him. Larry puts up a similar season and everyone wants to fire him. Even though Utah’s high school basketball talent is trash and Larry has to work for every player while Kyle has NFL talent in our own backyard to choose from.

I would put Altman ahead, but Krystkowiak’s definitely a better coach than Miller. Tad Boyle and Mick Cronin @ UCLA are also very good coaches too.

Altman is a scumbag, worse than Miller. They both pay recruits, but Altman also covers up gang rape.

Would anyone in their right mind want Altman as our coach? No.

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Tad Boyle has a grand total of ONE NCAA tourney win and it was 10 years ago. Boyle finishes either 5th or 8th in the PAC 12. Larry has finished top 4 several times.

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Yeah. I know. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t a good coach. Colorado has built a pretty good program.

Yeah, basketball coaches in the west don’t win ncaa tourney games. But Larry has.

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That is great, but Larry hasn’t even gotten Utah to the NCAA tournament in five years. That isn’t good enough.


This. Thank you for bringing some sanity to the conversation.