Evil Spirits

For those that partake, the DABC will be holding their drawing for Pappy Van Winkles and other hard to get labels. Registration is open until Jan. 18, This is one of the few times you can get a better buy through the DABC than you could get by going out of state. And when I say a better buy, I’m talking hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

I’d love to submit my name. I just can’t justify the cost.

I just came here to say I loathe the DABC and their liquor (and cannabis) laws in Utah. That’s all, now I feel better.

I’m drunk and high right now 🤷. Not worth stressing over for me.

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Crossed on a Monday night?!? Say hello to Buddha for me.

There’s a better night for this?

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Hey hey hey hey, smoke weed every day.

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I LOL at people whining about the Utah DABC. Sure they have less of a selection of fancy stuff like the OP link, but on an every day basis, a bottle of Bourbon that would be $27 in Utah is at least $35 in Washington, and that’s based on the much-ballyhooed Costco liquor section. The grocery store is significantly more expensive. On a day-to-day basis, Utah drinkers have it made.

20.5% State sales tax? Does that rate just apply on liquor? Or everything?

Liquor. The standard sales tax is around 8% - we don’t have state income tax though.

The $299 bottle of Pappy 23 goes for upwards of $5000 or more on the secondary market. Think of it as an incredible investment opportunity!

Who says Utah doesn’t have a lottery?

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But once in my hands that would cause some serious stress.

If I am buying a bottle of booze, I am going to drink it…and maybe with friends…ok, with friends.

It’s how I roll.:wink:

Display it to impress people, if you want to drink it, go get some Maker’s Mark Small Batch, it’s the same stuff, $30, easy to find.

I like Woodford Reserve. I’d drink the Pappy Can Wikle, then display the bottle with colored water in it.

When drinking hard alcohol, I drink the cheapest vodka I can find…mixed in a Bloody Mary.

And the Ouzo shot before a football game…OPA!!!