Everyone hates Alabama and The Patriots but

Will you watch this HBO Special next week?

I will but I think I would even if I wasn’t an Alabama fan. If it was say Bill Walsh and Pete Carrol I would watch. I love seeing how coaches operate and set their program up. Wondering if anyone else is into that.

God no.


I’ll watch for Belichick. He is a coaching legend, as much as I dislike the Patriots. What he has been able to do, specifically through frequently switching his coaching schemes to match his players’ talent against his opponents, is remarkable.

Saban on the other hand…unless his insights are relegated to recruiting, there’s not much I care to listen to. It’s easy to forget his record when he coached in a league with more-or-less equal talent (the NFL). He’s certainly not the worst of NFL coaches, or even near the bottom, but his record showed he wasn’t above average either.

There’s not a lot regarding Xs and Os that I find inovative coming out of Saban’s teams. He simply out-recruits all his opponents and beats them on the field with superior talent. It’s actually quite interesting to see his record against teams that can match him with talent. I’m sure he was happy when Urban left Florida.

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Interesting take.

I’m no Savanna fan but he is undeniably a great coach. Case in point is USC with the talent they have on their team. I don’t know that I agree with the ca X’s and O’s comment, but Saban is very good at the very least getting his players to buy off on the discipline and process it takes to become a great team.

I mean, isn’t that what we find to be so great about Whittingham? I don’t know that we in years past have won by X’s and O’s but by discipline and being tougher than the other teams.

Saban is great at DBs. I think we will see that when they interview BB. The other thing that makes him a good leader is that whatever he bitches about in the game he eventually adapts to and makes it better. He isn’t too egocentric to realize he needs help and brings in analysts and listens to multiple voices on how to make something better. To me that’s a great leader. I think Bill wants to move on from Brady and really wants a Lamar Jackson type of offense. These two dudes are great at evolving with the times. I’ve heard both use the phrase “Adapt or die.”

This documentary was exactly what I thought. These dudes never turn off when it comes to coaching and are just two old coaches kids from a Croatian background. It was enjoyable to see how they operate.

The only NFL team that I actually follow is the Patriots. I like winners, but I do loathe and hate Alabama.

However, I used to follow any team that had Alex Smith as QB, so my fandom is influenced by Utah alumni.

Even when Saban didn’t coach at Alabama but at LSU and MSU I liked him. I guess I just understand coaches like him. My HS coach was an assistant at UW under Don James and I know Saban is under that tree of coaching. They just are wired different.

Patriots? They should have an asterisk next to all their wins considering how often they cheat and how pervasive it is. It’s amazing that them and the Astros as such ethical d-bags.

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You’re going to limit this comment to just the Patriots but not the Tide?

Well, considering Alabama lost a National title on an illegal pick play. lol

I respect them both as coaches. It would probably be fun to watch.

It is interesting that two grandsons of Croatian immigrants became arguably the best coaches on their level in their sport.

I think we need a Notre Dame fan here in the board. The Domers are in bit of a downturn right now, but still – that fan could share with us not only all manner of insights into the Irish’s overall greatness, but also tons of Notre Dame lore generally. After all, that’s what this board is all about, and it’s why we come here.

I get it. I shouldn’t post about HBO sports shows on entertainment board if they don’t deal with the Utes. My apologies. I’m just glad the Lakers have Kuzma so I can post about them and their continued dominance

The problem isn’t the topic, it’s the presentation: “their continued dominance”

It’s kind of like hanging out with someone who does crossfit.


I am not a Patriots fan, sure I am an Alabama fan. That said… would you not say both programs were not dominant forces in their respective sports the last decade? Maybe 5 titles in 5 years isn’t dominant. I remember Pete Carroll did 2 in 8 years and people talked as if it was the greatest run.

I do agree, Dabo and Clemson have become a major threat and Brady and Bill’s run is coming to an end. So, I would say this is more a retrospective look back than a look forward.

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