Every PAC-12 home team painted their 22 yd line hash marks Utah red today

One has to be pretty insensitive to not be touched by this gesture.


Thanks for posting it. I was flipping through several other games and saw that in the Oregon game and didn’t make the connection but wondered what it was. Very nice gesture. In the end, it’s a game that we all love and share.

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I was surprised when I got to the game last night to just see our 22 yard line hash marks with a small red outline. It appears that maybe the rest of the Pac did this without Utah’s prior knowledge as we were the only field without them fully painted. I love the gesture by the Pac 12 schools!


Listening to the pre-game while driving up to the stadium and Bill Riley said that when UCLA arrived at the stadium - long before the cameras and fans, so not a publicity stunt or anything like that - they went as a team and placed flowers at the 22 yard line. Then listening to what happened at Oregon State last week with the tributes they gave there, I agree - it is hard not to be moved.

As much as I dislike some of the teams in our league, the fact that all of the teams come together when something like this happens erases many of those bad feelings for me.


I’m an old fart that has seen it all. I’m pretty circumspect when it comes to these types of displays. However, this made me tear up a bit.

Thanks for sharing.