ESPN's top 10 college QBs

4 of the top 10 are with PAC-12 schools, including Rising. We play all of the other 3 this fall.

We better have a great D cuz the Pac-12 is bringing the O this year no doubt about it.


The PAC is loaded at QB. I don’t think any other conference is even a close 2nd. I wonder how well Coach Neon’s kid will perform. If he’s not clearly the best QB for the Buffs that would lead to some horrible team chemistry.


Does anyone have the actual link to this? I’ve seen this screenshot posted a few times, but have looked through both ESPN and the CFB Twitter account and didn’t see this actual tweet.

Just curious if it’s legit or an edited version from a Utah fan.



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There was a good reason why I posted only a snip, and no link. I just don’t remember what it was. Thanks, @justaute.


Agree, but lest we forget our D helped knock #9 on this list (Jayden Daniels) out of the PAC12 to the safer confines of the SEC :grinning:.


I wonder if he is still hanging his receivers out to dry when they run routes over the middle of the field. He got more than a few of those guys rung up by our defenders. :wink:

I didn’t watch LSU at all last season, and likely won’t again this season. The truth is he really didn’t show as an elite QB, and #9 might be a high evaluation. Now the $EC has seen him on “their film,” unless he has added a lot of wrinkles to his game, my guess is they will adjust and shut him down this season.


So what you are saying is his mom did us a favor…