ESPN: Utes are #8 for returning the most production next season

Wazzu is #5
Oregon State #7
Oregon #9
ASU #11
UW #15
Cal #20

Incidentally the team returning the least amount of production next season is byu at #127.


I object to your parenthetical statement about TDS. Of course they are, no need to rub it in.

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Regarding byu-provo. I think we should insist that this year’s game be played at our house. Since we got “screwed” out of a home game with them this past year. You know damn well that if the roles were reversed they would be screaming (like little girls) about how unfair it is.


But it’ll also be fun to drub them in their own house RES-South.


You know the legislature would run an audit in the Ute football program if the game in Provo was dropped due to Covid, forcing byu to play in SLC twice in a row.

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That is an insult to little girls.