ESPN on Utah's chances for CFP

Here is the link to the article:

Here is a neat excerpt that talks about Utah and the 4th CFP spot:

“SP+ thinks OU takes down Baylor about two-thirds of the time on a neutral field and still has the slightest of edges over Utah. Personally? I lean Utes. I think their upward trend is real.

The best thing Utah has going is the Lee Corso backing.

Yes, ESPN loves Jalen Hurts but the love story rematch between Tua and Hurts is dead. ESPN loves storylines and with their patriarch of Game Day giving a bold preseason prediction of Utah in the championship game, they would love to push that unbelievable pick and the underdog story.

I know ESPN has very little to do with the committee but shady politics and backdoor handshakes dictate America, it’s just how we operate. If ESPN wants Utah in the playoffs, it will happen.

They love Lee Corso because he’s like everybody’s grandpa. They would love to tout the most bold preseason prediction came true and it was on their show with their guy.


ESPN does have pull in matchups. Supposedly the reason we ended up in the Vegas Bowl against byu-provo a few years ago was because ESPN was pushing for it. I can’t prove that, but that was the story that was going around.

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“Shady Politics and back Dior handshakes dictate America” is some statement. You obviously have never heard of the Shady politics in global soccer. It’s not a uniquely American quality.

I don’t think the Committee is particularly fond of the Big XII. I think this is all hype to build up conversation. Utah beats Oregon and they are in.


The committee seems to be impressed by defense, so all things being equal Utah’s defensive ranking would appear to carry the day, but who really knows. As someone said, the committee’s gonna do what the committee is gonna do. That’s why we really need to expand the playoffs to take some of this out of the system.