ESPN - gameday coming

I still have a little PTSD left over from that TCU gameday experience

This game will be a tough one, folks.


Note to self - don’t stay up all night! It’s a recipe for delirium.


I’ll bet FOX BIG NOON show comes as well. Game is on FOX.


I find it interesting that there are not contracts involved that would keep one or the other network away from the university, like Coke / Pepsi. I suppose it benefits FOX for ESPN to broadcast from their game site, but ESPN will certainly be hyping their collection of contests.

Although, there are no other tasty games starting at the prime hour.
The ESPN family has the LDS flagship school losing in Austin, two basketball schools playing in Kentucky, a game in Waco, an AAC matchup, and a game in Boone. The Boone contest might be the best out of the bunch.

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I just hope the players don’t get caught up in the distractions. I wish they were following the Sooner hype train instead.

I get the fans love having their mosh pit on the made for TV show. That said, last time’s beat down is still ringing in my ears.

Then again, the Topless chick in the NEZ might have cursed the team that day…nnnaaahhh. We were already getting our doors blow off when that happened.


I like that you capitalized the adjective.


Maybe I’m getting too old, but I’m of the opinion that ESPN Gameday and every other pregame show is a giant yawn and a waste of time. I never watch it.

Get off my lawn!

and ESPN can get off of the President Circle lawn.


I agree. Polemic, in general, feels useless to me. I’m a grown man. I can form my own opinions.


Aaahhh, Corso is still pissed about getting beat by the Utes when he was coaching Indiana.


But I’ll give Corso credit for one thing. In 1979 an undefeated byu-provo team was up against a 7-4 Indiana team coached by Corso. The zoobs were beside themselves that they had to play an “inferior” Indiana team. “Indiana Who-siers” they kept saying.

Indiana won 38-37


Yes, but losing to us at that time was losing to “Bo Diddley Tech,” and since in 1984 we had t-shirts made for the BYU - Utah game…:joy::joy::joy: