ESPN Bowl Projections: Week 2

“…Utah…scrambled their way to victory…”

SRS Distribution Las Vegas Bowl
Allegiant Stadium (Las Vegas)
Bonagura: Minnesota vs. Utah

Holiday Bowl
Petco Park (San Diego)
Schlabach: Duke vs. Utah


But it’s early


Yesterday I saw somebody link projections that had Utah in the Fiesta and the Cotton.

But bowl projections at week 2, good or bad, are ridiculous and pointless fantasies- done only to get clicks and/or troll fans.


I enjoy the weekly fantasy nonetheless.
If you would prefer that I not post them, I will certainly abide by the request.

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Lol it was just a comment. We can all post anything we want.

I personally hope the Utes make the CFP. But for now, we’ll see how they do against Weber and Ucla.


Playing in Vegas doesn’t suck. Truth is it has become our home away from home. :wink:


I’ve thought about it a great deal over the last decade since ranking actually became a lot more relevant to Utah Football - and I come down firmly in the camp that NO PUBLIC POLLING should be done until at least week 4. Let most everyone get the majority of their OOC schedule out of the way, and hopefully get a point where injuries have stabilized and a team (and media/coaches) have a decent idea who will be available for the rest of the season.

Voting before that is just so much smoke-blowing you know where, and is so insanely warped by personal/regional bias as to be truly and atrociously asinine. Writers especially are guilty of quite blatantly not analyzing and giving just an opinion, but actively campaigning on behalf of certain teams and conferences. It becomes a fait accompli that certain programs are nearly assured of a spot in the final discussion about CFP … before any conference has truly determined a damn thing.

Persistent bias for “golden child” athletes is also a massive problem. Sure the QB at U$C is hot sheet (though he also showed what a colossal dickweed he can be with that nail garbage), but the rest of that team ended last season with a colossal thud. So far this year $C has had blowout victories, but only by beating up on weak programs. And yet look how idiotically highly ranked they were TO START, before playing a single game. We all saw how stupid voters can be when BYU was given that top 10 ranking a while back and then proceeded to crap the bed for the rest of that season. If I had any lingering doubts as to the stupidity and inaccuracy of this Pre and early season popularity contest, THAT mess removed them.

I honestly wonder if high profile media figures dont literally drive the bowl situation into becoming waht they want it to be, assuming teams come out vaguely where they wish them to. While it might be a bit indirect and take a while, there is potential to do something about coaches who are egregiously biased and warping things – but we fans are totally helpless to do anything about the media. After all, it is THE MEDIA (individual and conglomerate) that has destroyed the NCAA conference system that functioned decently well for decades before first the SWC implosion, the Mega WAC, then the split for the MWC, and the snowball took off from there… only to turn into a deadly avalanche as of now. In hindsight, the BCS cabal itself doesn’t look quite as evil, when we see what television/media deals have made of the sport.

Sorry for the blathering, but I’ve mulled this over myslf long enough… Time to toss it into the cauldraon and see what y’all have to say.


Voting before that is what got Clemson a #9 ranking…