ESPN Bowl Projections: Week 1

Vrbo Fiesta Bowl
State Farm Stadium (Glendale, Arizona)
Bonagura: Utah vs. Penn State

Valero Alamo Bowl
Alamodome (San Antonio)
Schlabach: Oklahoma vs. Utah

Don’t really want to play Penn State again, but an Oklahoma matchup would be cool.

Week 1 polling from one of the supposed “experts”. Utah sitting behind a UCLA team who had to pull away late in the 4th quarter from (checks notes) Coastal Carolina. USC drops after beating their first two opponents by a combined score of 122-42. Georgia - who hasn’t lost a game in two years - drops out of the top spot.



It all goes back to “Just Win, Baby!” What happens in the beauty contest doesn’t matter. Only winning matters.

We will get our chance to ruin the bRUINS soon enough. Gotta beat the Prairie bRUINS first.



That’s actually very clever, recognizing that Bruins are Bears, so an alternate disparaging name for the Baylor Bears, as is your wont. I see what you did there.


Let’s not forget CC has been a good squad in recent years. First week of the year is always a bad guage. Buckeyes looked bad but who thinks they won’t be a Playoff team or at least pushing for a spot.

I’d be happy WINNIng against Penn State or Oklahoma.

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McMurphy is a troll and a hack, IMO. He always seems to be a day late and a dollar short with his opinions and observations.

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All I care is when the Rose Bowl releases ticket sales on Ticketmaster. I’m not buying the Super Packages. I just need my three seats, NOW! I’m afraid of what SUPER TEAM makes the playoff to make that price wonky.