ESPN and favoritism: how to we change the red-headed stepchild them and stop the douchery of game annalysis

It’s already been covered, but I’m so sikc and tire of the announcers talking about Utah like theyr’e Weebalo scouts who won a raffle to play a scrimmage with other name teams.
Is anyone here clever enough to put together a video of the announders inane fan-boyism?

I know, I know, I’m all fired upt today…


I’ve found the announcers in big TV games are total homers… for whoever is having success at the moment.

It’s like they calibrate their broadcast for the casual sports bar viewer. Whatever the new shiny thing is, that’s what they react to and emphasize.

Sometimes they have something cogent to say, or their pregame reporting reveals something I didn’t know, but I mostly ignore them. I try to be like Eli Manning - just focused on what’s happening.

Our national identity is the blue collar, hard-hat team. With Caleb Williams’ and USC’s fall from grace - courtesy Utah 3 times in a row - we’ll get most of that positive marketing, that branding.


I’ll strive to be better :slight_smile:

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lol - I’m with you. Broadcasters used to drive me nuts, starting with our own Wild Bill Marcroft.

I listen to the broadcast because they have spotters and analysts looking for insights in real time. Otherwise those guys are like gameshow hosts.

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Gameshows have pretty much ruined a peice of reality starting with The Price Is Right…