End of Season predictions 2020

There are still a ton of scenarios, I’ll try to model your scenario in and see what happens.


Absolutely no movement in the Pac12.

The only change was locally, BYU handled Utah State in Logan and now the Aggies are underdogs vs Fresno. Fresno St -1 over Utah State

Utah remaining games
Utah -20 UCLA
Utah -22 @Arizona
Utah -28 Colorado

20+ point favorites expected in the last three might be too much to ask but doing so might really help their prestige going into the P12 championship game with Oregon

I have Oregon -2 on a neutral field over Utah at this time.

Oregon remaining games
Oregon -29 Arizona
Oregon -16 @Arizona State
Oregon -25 Oregon State

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One huge factor to note. Utah is 5-0 against the spread since USC.


Thanks Thrill

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Interesting note, Utah’s OOC opponents are #31, #27 and #15

Thrill, Why is our SOS 81 and Clemson’s is 41? I just don’t understand how they’re still playing FCS teams.

I show Utah’s SOS at #40 while Clemson is at #64

Where are you looking?

Utah has a better SOS than Alabama (59), Clemson (64) Oklahoma (49), Wisconsin (44) Georgia (50)
It’s possible you’re looking at total season SOS and not as of today SOS

I’m referencing current, up-to-date SOS


It’s all good. Though I love em, I gotta get over my in-laws having a love-fest with the Tigers. They’re from Long Island…

Those are basketball rankings, aren’t they?

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Whoops! I Googled football.
Anyway, we are definitely up against East coast and SEC bias.
Winning out is key.

Best possible finishes for each Pac 12 team
Don’t look now but Oregon has not clinched the North. Oregon St can still win in 1 scenario.
x- = controls own destiny

x-Utah 1st at 8-1 (alone)
x-UCLA 1st at 7-2 (alone)
USC 1st at 7-2 (alone)
Arizona State 1st at 6-3 (alone)
Arizona 4 way tie for 1st at 5-4 (Utah, USC, UCLA) USC would win due to tiebreaker
Colorado 3rd at 4-5 tied with UCLA or USC and AZ or ASU - Utah would win.

x-Oregon 1st at 9-0 (alone)
Oregon State 1st at 7-2 (alone)
Stanford 1st tied at 6-3 (Oregon would win tiebreaker)
Washington 2nd at 5-4 tied with OSU, Cal and Stanford (Oregon would win)
Washington St 2nd at 5-4 with OSU and Washington (Oregon would win)
California 2nd at 5-4 with Washington and OSU (Oregon would win)

Utah - Win out
UCLA - Win out
Oregon - Win out
USC - Win out, needs Utah to lose a game 2-1 or more losses
ASU - Win out, Utah go 0-3, USC 1-2 beat UCLA , UCLA 1-2 beat Utah
Oregon State - Win out, Oregon lose to ASU or Arizona

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Thanks for the work!



Utah St, Colorado and Cal all picked up underdog wins
The only future game affected was BYU vs San Diego St. Went from -3 SDSU to Pkm

Utah improved in 2/3 games
Utah -23 @Arizona
Utah -27 Colorado

Oregon improved in 3/3 games
Oregon -31 Arizona
Oregon -18 @Arizona State
Oregon -27 Oregon State

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Below is all teams combined records for opponents. Utah is dead last with only 5 potential bowl teams


I only show 6 potential bowl teams… but where?

Oregon 11-1 - Rose or Cotton?
Utah 11-1 - Rose or Cotton?
Washington 8-4 - Alamo?
USC 8-4 - Redbox?
Arizona St 7-5 - Holiday?
Washington St or Stanford 6-6 - Las Vegas?

Sun Bowl?

Stanford losing to Colorado didn’t help them
I have Cal, UCLA both with 5 wins (I have UCLA -1 vs Cal week 14. Cal win would give them 6 wins)
Oregon St, Arizona and Colorado with 4 wins

If Utah or Oregon sneak into the top 4 then everybody moves up a spot leaving 3 open bowls. Las Vegas bowl would be scrambling for a representative.


Only one change from last week. Oregon State beating ASU
Everything else held form.

Final 2 games for Utah and Oregon
Utah -25 @ Arizona
Utah -28.5 Colorado

Oregon -18 @Arizona State
Oregon -25.5 Oregon State

Still in line for a Utah vs Oregon P12 Championship
If this was in Eugene - Oregon -3
If this was in Salt Lake - Utah -1.5
In Santa Clara…Currently - Oregon -1


image png)