End of 3rd quarter tradition

AT the end of the 3rd quarter is a Florida tradition, but it has been added to recently. It is kinda cool.

Hope the visitors find it …interesting. We probably don’t have the best traditions down south, but it is still sort of cool


The pregame stuff is about as old as the crust on your grandmother’s underwear. Slightly cool if you haven’t seen it before but boring as hell if you have. We need to work on this.

This is dated a bit ago, but…it is the same thing…Unless Napier wants to change it, and that we will have to see. If you look, not many are in the stands, as we are probably still drinking at our tailgates.

I was going to make a joke on making up third quarter traditions but… we have nothing to stand on.

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The “we are the boys” is as old as the hills. The Tom Petty thing is new.

Florida does have some traditions that I hope Ute fans coming to Gainesvlle appreciate. WE in Florida are rightly proud of our flagship university. It is an honor to play you, and I hope we treat all visitors well.



The Moment of Loudness is a good new tradition that I hope continues for a long time.


That’s true. I was thinking of the drums.


I think Rowdy would agree with me. In the South, the HBCUs dominate compared to our crusty teams.

FAMU Marching 100 down the road is :fire:

Southern and Grambling hold it down in Louisiana. A&M and State in Alabama, Jackson in Mississippi etc etc. I wish everyone would take the time to see HBCU bands down south if possible. It’s part of our American cultural heritage. Working with Tennessee State University was one of my favorite things I have done.


The tip of Florida is cut off. Intentional? (Miami).

We had ‘crazy lady’ (where some loved her and some didn’t love her), then the oversized drums, but now have the moment of loudness which is continuing this year.

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SAY, RR, It’s been pretty cool having you lurk/post on UFN… Ahve you seen active posting from Utah peeps on whatever board y’all use? {please tel me what it is… I’d like to lurk at least}

Oversized drums? HMm strangely I dont remember this…

Strangely enough, I dont remember “THE PRIDE OF UTAH” doing anything beyond spelling out Utah n various fashions… Never seen them do a Utah outline though.

Haven’t been to a game in at least 5 years. And that one I happened to be in town when a game was going, so my Dad took me.

I don’t remember what was going on between 3rd and 4th qtrs then. I do like the idea of a moment of loudness. It seems to be a good way to celebrate life and keep the crowd into a game.

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I haven’t seen a lot of Ute fan activity on the Gator boards I frequent. A while back, there was one who posted on the free board at Gator County wanting some info on the best way to get to Gainesville from Daytona Beach, and frankly, he was given a lot of good advice about what roads to take and how much time to allow, where to park, etc. I don’t bother with the free board that much, and the thread is buried now probably. I will see if I can find it and link direct.

There is a Utah fan that has been posting off and on at Mudlizards Virtual Swamp. He has been there for quite some time actually. I have seen nothing from Utah fans at the On3 site, and those are the only ones I visit.

So in sum, I really haven’t seen much from Utah fans on Gator boards, but again, I use the insider boards at Gator Country the most, so there you go.


And yes, I agree with Bama fan. The HBCU’s have great bands. Wild stuff.


Ok, found it. It is the only one I have seen really from a Utah fan. Not really a football discussion so much as advice.

Whoever it is must like Rush, so that is cool.


Southern University threw it down:


That was good… and easy on the eyes too.

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If Utah gets a chance, they should schedule an HBCU and pay for the band to come. That to me is a win-win in not scheduling a FBS school. Sometimes having cultural enrichment games are good.

I assume Texas Southern, Prairie View, Southern or Grambling would be your nearest one that plays FCS.