Ed Orgeron and LSU have agreed to part ways at the end of the season

Hey LSU, it worked last time

This one is weird. Things must really be coming apart at the seems for a coach who won a NC 2 years ago to be shown the door.

If you consider a zipper a seam, then yes it definitely is.


I just cannot understand how ANYONE thinks they can get away with doing/saying something like this, particularly someone in as high a profile position as the LSU head coach.

I’m certain there are a lot of people in the world, like Orgeron (or Urban) who think about taking actions like those that have recently been reported, but how are people like this so unaware of the what is considered acceptable behavior, and so unaware of the consequences, that they act on those thoughts.


I’ve got a personal history of foot in mouth disease, and I’ve never approached that level of idiocy, at least that I will admit or recall.


You could say he was