Earthquake in Boise

Dang had my daughter under the kitchen table. That was scary. I was in the southern utah quake in 1992. Not that big but big jolt.

Boise’s reputation as a tropical paradise is starting to become a little shaky,


It’s the end of the world?

Sorry about your daughter, but in light of everything, perhaps a bit of levity to help.


Thanks we are fine but it was a 6.5 near challis.

My sister and her husband just moved from Challis a few months ago.

Earthquake in Boise???

I think it was a reaction to their getting dial up internet for the first time. :wink:

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Let us know how it was there…

Interesting note, the tremors from that earthquake were so strong, it caused the elevators in our building in Seattle to stop. Glad I wasn’t in them at the time!

Don’t know how it is in Challis. They move from Challis to Idaho City a few months ago.

Idaho City would have got it hard as well

Felt it good here in Stevensville, MT, which is 276 miles away. Born and raised in SoCal, so I could tell it was distant by the rolling waves, but could also tell it was a pretty good one. Lasted almost 30 seconds.

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I don’t know who was hired to write the script for 2020 but they need to fired now!


Right now they are in Boise. So they don’t know if there is any damage to their house in Idaho City yet.

Good stuff. Lyrics are spot on!