“ Double-digit teams in the next College Football Playoff? Concerns about a top-heavy field are pushing discussion”

Hopefully we land on 16 with 10 conference champs and 6 at large. Good read:

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There’s no one right answer on this thing, but, I like a 12 team playoff so the top four can be rewarded with a first round bye. The 5 CC and 7 at-large teams, including at least one non P5 team if ranked in top 20.

So, looking at 2019 (since 2020 was just a wierd season), it would’ve looked something like this:

LSU, tOSU, Clemson and OU get first round byes.

Georgia, Oregon, Baylor, Wisconsin, Florida, PSU, Utah & Memphis at 7-12. Auburn would’ve been the first P5 team left out.

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The 16-team format would open the door the “Cinderella.” It would also vindicate the PAC 12 for being the “Conference of Cannibals” because no other P5 feeds on its own like the PAC 12.


First round byes when you could offer teams like FLorida Atlantic, Miami of Ohio, Boise and Louisiana Lafayette (2019 conf champs) a shot with a road game to those top seeds seems a better option. At least to me.

The first time a 16 seed from the sun belt is pushing the 1seed SEC champ in a close game in the fourth quarter will be must see TV.


Just like a 16 pushing a 1 seed in bball - might happen, but rare. Perhaps a slightly higher chance in fb. Will there still be a regular 5-12 upset ;)?

Oh, and it’s probably because the 1 seed didn’t want to be there.


Imagine Boise vs a PAC 12 Champ Utah in Salt Lake. Ratings! Also, I think The Cajuns of Lafayette would have played us as well as the Irish did this season.

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We hate Boise and their smurf turf and magnificant beaches.


Just for reference I posted this in 2019 on here:
10 Conference Champs and 6 at large teams:

  1. LSU
  2. Ohio State
  3. Clemson
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Georgia at-large
  6. Oregon
  7. Baylor at-large

8.Wisconsin at-large

  1. Florida at-large
  2. Penn State at-large
  3. Utah at-large
  4. Memphis
  5. Boise State
  6. Appalachian State
  7. FAU
  8. Miami of Ohio

Game 1 16. Miami of Ohio vs. 1. LSU in Baton Rouge
Game 2 9. Florida vs. 8. Wisconsin in Madison
Game 3 13. Boise State vs. 4. Oklahoma in Norman
Game 4 12. Memphis vs. 5. Georgia in Athens
Game 5 15. FAU vs. 2. Ohio State in Columbus
Game 6 10. Penn State vs. 7. Baylor in Waco
Game 7 14. Appalachian State vs. 3. Clemson in Clemson
Game 8 11. Utah vs. 6. Oregon in Eugene

Game 9: Game 1 winner vs. Game 2 winner NRG Stadium, Houston (2024 Champ site)
Game 10: Game 3 winner vs. Game 4 winner Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis (2022 Champ site)
Game 11: Game 5 winner vs. Game 6 winner Rose Bowl, Pasadena
Game 12: Game 7 winner vs Game 8 winner Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens (Orange)

Game 13: Game 9 winner vs. Game 10 winner State Farm Stadium, Glendale (Fiesta)
Game 14: Game 11 winner vs. Game 12 winner Mercedes Benz Stadium, Atlanta (Peach)

Game 15: Game 13 winner vs. Game 14 winner Mercedes Benz Superdome, New Orleans (Sugar)

Hopefully they would avoid first round games with conference foes. And in wonder if P5 conf champ gets higher seeds than at-large… or maybe create some regional matchups to try to keep some geographic diversity at least into round 2.

I think you still use the top 25 for seeding.

Whose? AP, Coaches, BCS style calculations? Like bball, room to shift 1 seed to avoid certain situations? Any consideration on what bowl they might end up in for later rounds?

I think you would still use the CFP rankings committee. In the scenario above I think they would jump in and put FAU at 16 to play LSU and Miami of Ohio to OSU for regional interests.

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Well who could have predicted this easily predictable outcome?

Football is run by the Tories.

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