Donovan Mitchell Signs for How Much?!?!

He’s probably worth it to the Jazz but man that’s a ton of coin.

Larry Johnson signed an $84M contract 27 years ago.

And he was a good but not great pro.

It was also a 12 year contract.

Mitchell’s is 5 years.

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Well deserved. Mitchell is special and going to get specialer.

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Without a doubt. They were great last season. Hopefully they can attract some more talent around him.

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I like this deal and I like that the Jazz are above the tax penalty line. Everything is lining up perfectly for the Jazz to move to Seattle.

Note to self: find Swanton and kill him if the Jazz move to Seattle.

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I laughed…then laughed nervously…then chuckled…now I’m kinda scared…

This owner is new money and he doesn’t cash flow very well. A couple years of paying the tax and he will be gone. The Jazz HAVE to stay under the tax line until he can get some cash from somewhere else.

Insane how high the salaries are.

I remember when Magic Johnson signed the 25 year $25 million contract ($1 million per year) which astonished people at the time. (Ended up being paid a lot more than that by the Lakers eventually of course)

This is my favorite Old Timer telling a contract story. It was about when Namath signed and Coach Bryant trying to figure out how much Namath should make. He asked former HC of the Lions Harry Gilmer for advice and the story was kind of funny because Harry told about his contract of $10,000 signing bonus and $10,000 a year.


That was great. Thanks!