Dogs vs Trees

It’s not over, but Washington is currently falling on their sword.

Not looking good for the dogs at all. Woof.

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It is now. Nice win, Stanford.

Washington doesn’t like the Bay Area.

Stupid Stanford.

I think this was a let down game for UW after the USC win.


It’s funny to hear the media and fan hype train now coming up with excuses for UW losses. Cal was the weather, Stanford was a ‘trap’ game after USC, etc.

How about they’re just not that good? Which is what I’ve been saying ever since the offseason love fest. They fold like a cheap tent under any kind of sustained pressure. Their offense has significant issues; Eason looks decent against horrible defenses but horrible against decent defenses. We should crush them. Whether we will is another story…


Didnt Eason have about a 46% completion rate against byu? We need to pressure him hard and take care of business.


I like what you’re saying.

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