Does it seem like the o-line starts slow every year?

Their edge rushers kept beating our tackles and we didn’t handle blitz assignments very well.

This seems to be the case every year, then they start to catch their stride when conference play starts.

Am I wrong? Can someone with better football eyes chime in?

2 of our starters did not play - Kump and Laumea.

OL is the position group that benefits most from playing together and according to Whit, there have been 3 or 4 guys banged up during the past few weeks, so that would play into it.

I think many times we blame OL for blocking deficiencies by backs and TE’s. For example, the 4th down that we were stuffed at the goal line, it was a TE who allowed the penetration. Blitz pickup is often a RB issue as opposed to an OL issue.