Does anyone have a recommendation for a good Autobody repair shop?

My wife has an Audi A4 wagon that needs some front end body repair as a result of going over a very high driveway, and catching the underside of the front bumper/panel.

The three shops that I’ve used all my life are no longer options - one retiring, one sold to a younger person who didn’t have any interest in spending the time to speak with me and give an estimate (suggested I email in photos and he’d get back with me), and the third recently sold the land to be repurposed as a 5 story apartment building. :frowning:


We’ve always gone to Schneider Auto and they’ve done an exceptional job.

It’s been a number of years since I’ve needed to go there (knock on wood).

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For a split second I thought this was a recommendation for Earl Scheib :laughing:

Higgins has been awesome for us


My auto body repair guy unfortunately passed away due to COVID. He was the best I had ever found.

I will be looking soon because my son’s car is needing to be repainted.

Heading there tomorrow, first thing, Thanks!!!

Had another referral for them, I’ll check out tomorrow! Thanks!

Loved the Earl Scheib reference!!! That location (on what is it ~1500 so state) has had SSSOOOO many autobody businesses in there in the last half a century, and some of them have actually been good (according to a few acquaintances). I did take a 1949 Chrysler Highlander into Earl for a repair estimate in about 1972 at that location. It was my first car; cost $50.00, and it had a dent in the front driver side fender, which would have cost $39.00 to have repaired, so I passed.

On a Ute related note, didn’t Earl pay for his name to be mentioned on first downs for many years, or am I remembering another business?


Glen’s Paint and Polish is first-rate. Beautiful work and high standards of

Been using Glen since the mid 70’s. His wife was the only one in the building and she apologized saying the two of them were retiring and weren’t bidding repairs - it was literally my first stop; the end of an era. (… old guy thinks to himself, “Glen could repair this fender, all anyone else can do is order a new one and paint it” :frowning: )

I think that was David Early tires that was the first “sponsor” of first downs.

Argh!! Say it isn’t so! I’m afraid they broke the mold after Glen. Big loss.

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I second, thrid or fourth the schneiders recommendation. have used them 3 or 4 times; always found them reasonable.


This was a number of years ago now, but I bought a new car and three weeks later someone rear-ended me - didn’t do any structural damage but messed up the bumper. Schneider pointed out that the plastic bumper didn’t 100% match the body paint from the factory (could mainly see it in the light) and corrected it so it matched exactly. About two months later someone ran into my front bumper and so they fixed and corrected that to be perfect.

I noticed from that time forward all the other cars like mine had the mismatched bumpers, except mine. They were reasonable, finished on time, and both times came slightly under their quote. One of the insurance adjusters confided in me that is where he would take his car if he were to get in an accident.