Dish drops ESPN

Just fyi, Dish apparently dropped ESPN at 3am this morning with no notice whatsoever. Gonna be a bad day for lots of college football fans today, I fear.

Pour one out for their customer service team today.

Yep, just checked SlingTV and its gone.

When you call the number, you get punted to different voice-jails, with directions to another number. Fun!
I hate all things Disney.

Given Dish Network’s history of threats and blackouts, you should probably direct some hate towards them


Oh, great. Two days after I just arranged to move it to our new house and signed up to upgrade the Hopper/Joey along with a 2 year contract. It’s why they call me Lucky.

This will get sorted out, it always does, but it’s a pisser to be sure.


I appreciate that.
It’s still billion dollar entities fighting over hundreds of millions, holding paying customers hostage.


well, as much as I hate all these giant corporate whores, it isn’t hugely surprising that it takes place on the 1st day of a new fiscal quarter. And actually expecting CUSTOMER SERVICE and decent consideration from Disney, ESPN, DISH, et al, is a fool’s errand

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Is Dish still doing OK as a company? I seriously haven’t paid attention.

DirecTV of course is barely still in business, hemorraging subscribers, and was offloaded for pennies on the dollar. Seems like the world has kind of passed satellite TV by.

HOLY HELL, while watching the ESPN feed of ODU- Liberty, I see an announcement TO Disney/Dish customers, that ESPN is no longer on their services.

Is it just me, or is there a MASSIVE LOGIC FAIL here? How are they gonna see that announcement, if the service isnt available? I mean , COME ON /slaps forehead

also, the supreme irony of Liberty University(which of course is hella ironic on its own, as they aint no damn liberty of any kind there, unless it’s liberty to persecute others) has the nickname of “Flames”. Terminology normally applied to your very flamboyant gay men… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy:


Or Hell.

They know that a lot of Dish/Sling customers are still watching the games, just at friends houses, sports bars, pirated feeds, etc. Fans find a way.

I got an email late last night from Dish saying all the ESPN and Disney channels were back. That might be the shortest contract dispute in this arena ever.

But how convenient that they were off the air on a Saturday during college football season…

Certainly annoyed (or worse) lots of college football fans over the weekend but glad they sorted it out before affecting any Utah games as we’ll invariably be on one of their channels at some point.

No doubt there was some muscle flexing/appendage measuring going on.

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