Didn’t realize that Huntley beat Lamar Jackson in high school

It seems like every year I hype myself up over one or two Utes heading to the NFL. Most of the time, those prospects don’t work out, and while it’s obviously a much bigger bummer for the actual player I can’t help but feel a little deflated. The last two were Joe Williams and Devontae Booker, though maybe Booker will see more success in Vegas.

Moss is obviously the big playmaker that so many people are interested in checking out this season, and he’s getting some serious hype from some pretty reputable people. After so many years of building my hopes up I’ve decided to try not to pay much attention until the season starts, which has been a lot easier lately of course.

That said, I really hope Huntley catches on somehow. His upside is tremendous, and he seems like the perfect type of QB for several NFL offenses. Assuming he makes the cut in Baltimore, he could be in an ideal position to not only learn from the best young quarterback in the league, but also make a bit of a name for himself in preseason play and possibly later in mop-up duty. I just enjoyed watching him play so much last season that it kinda left me yearning for more.

I agree with you on Huntley. He really was amazing to watch this last season. One play from the UW game comes to mind:

That pass on the wheel route to Nacua was a thing of beauty. I can’t think of any other Ute QB in recent memory who could make that play. I think he might have a shot at the NFL. He certainly has the ability, and the heart.


Favorite play from huntley’s whole career. Amazing pass


The guy couldn’t have been more devoted to the U when he was here. He was in the film room all the time. He did the work.
I loved his battle face in tough games. He was a pleasure to watch and I hope he does extremely well