Did we ever get the right groups enough practice?

It looks to me like we didn’t. I’m guessing the CoViD outbreaks hurt us in getting our act together because we just look out of sync. Combine that with 60 freshman on the 119 man roster and it’s a recipe for what we see tonight.

I think the defense has looked pretty good. And they’re the group who has all the new players.

What’s the offense’s excuse. Same O Coordinator, same O-line, same WRs…even if we had zero practices, those groups all played 14 games last year, they should perform.

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I think we needed to play an Idaho State to start the season. In late August.

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Do we get anything from the three timeouts we left on the board in a two score game? Unbelievable.

O-Line sucked last year, at least in pass coverage, not sure why everyone thinks it will be different this year.

Well, all the coaches and experts said it would be different. I doubted it would be different because we still have the same terrible offensive line coach. I wanted him fired last year, and the year before that… but here we are because there is anew excuse for his poor performance every year. He’ll get a pass again this year because of COVID. They’ll find some other excuses for him again next year, and the year after that.

Remember when we had six consecutive offensive line penalties against Arizona in 2014 and turned a First and Goal into a 50 yard punt?

Harding’s exact words seen on television were “Fire me”.