Did not see that coming! If you'd of told me we hold WSU to 13 points I'd of said pass the pipe

I was impressed with the play calling on both sides of the ball. Well done gentlemen well done indeed

Well done indeed.

Just don’t harsh my vibe man. :wink:


And the guy who threw nine touchdowns last week was held to half his YPG season average, and a single passing TD with two (damn near three) picks. The secondary, and Bernard played out of their minds.


Yes the defense played a great game. The USC game may have been an anomaly for the defense

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Yes and after the comments following the USC game can we all agree we are very happy to have Morgan Scalley around? Great job D

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Not sure about that. Our DBs were helpless to stop Pittman. I expect UW to give us a tough time as well.

Loved how our defense responded last night after a very rough time in LA.

Fortunate to sit in section where we had a great view of a few key moments last night.

One was when Gordon threw the shovel pass to a receiver and Bernard made the solo tackle and just destroyed him. Second was our goal line stand in the 4th quarter which had a few solo tackles right near the goal line to keep the Cougars from scoring.