Did I go all Rip Van Winkle and wake up to find a new DC?

Watching the News on Ch. 4 last night and their main Sportscaster Wesley Ruff, he starts talking about the Utes’ upcoming bowl game against Texas and how the Utes’ DC , Eric Weddle, is going to handle the prolific offense of the Longhorns. He goes on to mention Eric Weddle by name several more times. Then comes the interview with Morgan Scalley and during the entire interview, beneath him on the screen, is Eric Weddle, Defensive Coordinator. I guess I can see someone, not too knowledgeable, typing in the wrong name, but shouldn’t your primary sports guy who’s been there for years not catch it on the fly? This dumbass repeated it several times. Having lived all around the country, I find that SLC is just full of hacks.

No, but Ruff may have been hitting the Pappy Van Winkle prior to writing this segment prior to the broadcast.

That said, it would be awesome to have Weddle there to coach up the safeties for this game. I am sure he has a trick or two in the bag that could help these guys who have seen limited game action.



Hey, it was 4:00 somewhere, and my bottle was very smooth. :joy::joy::joy:

Ok, the iPad edited my spelling. It’s fixed now. :wink:

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