Did I ever mention that I HATE ASU?

Nice Win Utah!

I sincerely hope Huntley is back to 100% before next game, and I’m glad that Moss seems to be close to 100% already.

A nice win in spite of the unnecessary roughness, personal fouls, unsportsmanlike conduct, targeting, etc. from what I consider the worst team and by far the WORST fans in the league, we won, and barring all our turnovers, would have embarrassed ASU.

I’ll go to sleep happy tonight with a small smile on my face, knowing that the moron from ASU who threateningly told me to “fear the fork”, at the condiment stand at halftime, went home unhappy. I laughed and welcomed him to Utah, hoped his family was having a nice trip, and told him the 0-14 score had me trembling in my boots.

I’m on a mission with my adult son, to meet at all of the PAC-12 away stadiums for a game. I’m not sure I even want to go to ASU.

Again - Nice Win Utah!

Hate holding my breath all game because I hate ASU and hate it even more when we spend 3 quarters shooting ourselves in the foot to let them hang around in the game. But seeing Superman MOSS put the game away and break the record on the same game all in front of his mother? That’s Miller time.

I made the mistake of going to Phoenix for a game once. Their fans are just gross. Their stadium is gross. Their players are dirtbags. Its one road game my retirement won’t allow me to attend again.

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