Did common sense finally get into football parking?

Over the past few years many of us in this forum have complained about the allocation of parking for football. Two seasons back we had been exiled to a parking lot that cost essentially another $500 CC donation per year, but could be used on game day for only $10/game. We would walk past mostly vacant higher level CC donor lots for 25 minutes to and from the tailgate lot every game. I wrote a scathing letter to Mark Harlan about it at the time, and emailed a copy to some people I met at the Holiday Bowl who felt the same that were going to share it with friends and send it as well.

Last year the policy was the same, so I cut my CC donation by $500, told them why, and started parking off campus closer to the tailgate lot than the pass I was allotted at Merrill Engineering,

This year they are now selling designated spots for $50 for the year and even though I’ve dropped to a Level 3 donor in my protest, the spot I bought this afternoon is in the same lot I used to be able to park in 3+ years ago as a Level 4. The stated reason for the policy change has been unused football parking passes. Did they finally notice and did others cut their donations because of the historical gouging for parking that kept getting worse and worse? I have no idea, but I think this new approach is a great change.

Now I just hope we have a season.

I hope others did as you did and cut their donations. After a while you just can’t sell everything at whatever price you want. Hopefully they are learning that.

They are expanding the stadium and want people to come to the games, but want to charge exorbitant prices so they can park. How not to do business.


Well put.

I just got my renewal notice in the mail. I quite like the new parking pass system. I am inclined to buy a $50 pass if they are still available over by the Institute building. I am just a tier 2 so we will see what is left when my window comes open next week.