Did anyone else notice

When Wazzu had the ball, and substituted, we had the opportunity to sub as well. I noticed that we would have a big D lineman lumber onto the field, and then the guy he replaced would lumber off the field. This would use up about 10-15 seconds of clock every time. I assume that this was on purpose to use up clock. Great strategy if that is the case.

We used the rules to our favor. It slowed down the Air Raid and messed with their play calling.

Oh, and no referee is going to tell a 300lbs lineman to quit dragging ass and get off the field. Ok, they probably did, but it didn’t matter. :joy::joy::joy:

I also noticed that towards the end of the 1st quarter, WSU’s defense would substitute 4 guys at a time. I’m sure they were getting gassed after being on the field 13 of the 15 minutes of the quarter.

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