Depth Chart for Florida released

Barnes won the QB2 spot. Wonder if/how we’ll use Jackson. Seems like too good an athlete to keep off the field.

Also interesting that Isbell is the #2 at FS. Seems we had been hearing his name a lot throughout camp.

I was able to watch both scrimmages and while Jackson is big, I don’t think he is quick footed. Barnes showed good athleticism and quicker feet. I really thought they were pretty equal in the scrimmages, but Jackson had one terrible interception on the goal line.
I think Jackson would make a great TE and if he bought in would have a chance to earn some money down the road.

Gabe Reid is not on depth chart due to a lingering injury.


Is Kaufusi hurt too?

A few observations on this depth chart:


  • Braedon Daniels is a little slimmer at 297 - good. LT is about length and athleticism. He has both, with a little more quicks than he’d need playing G.

  • Four headed monster at RB - Good! I’m glad Chris Curry is back, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the sledge hammer. Can’t wait to see what Glover brings. (Thomas & Bernard - meh, “Rose Bowl stars” - whatever)

  • Nice to see Jaylen Dixon held down one of the WR spots. That kid is so damn quick, he needs to pick it up from the Holiday Bowl and terrorize opposing coverage. We can go big, we can go small & scary athletic, we have at least one WR that both big & scary athletic. I had no idea Makai Cope is 6-3. A lot of guys, let’s see who breaks out. Tao Johnson #5 must be pretty good, for a FR from Idaho.

  • Love Kuithe and Kincaid, keep an eye on #32 the transfer Logan Kendall, and let’s see if the Auzzie Yassmin #87 can get some mentions… or more.


  • So nice to see Broughton back. I really want to know who’s a better corner, JT or CP3. JT has the measurables, Phillips unquestionably rises to the occasion & is a captain. Your serve, JaTravis!

  • No surprise at LB, good to see Diabate held off Mata’afa (who has the scheme down, in his 3rd/4th year)

  • For anyone concerned about RJ Hubert holding off Isbell at FS, go back and look at RJ’s HS film. Nobody had a chance of catching him, looked like a college guy vs 12 year old little leaguers. I think FS becomes Isbell’s but if RJ’s back there, that means he’s fully healed and Isbell’s day will come. Haven’t heard of Sione Vaki, but if he’s the 2 behind Bishop he must be pretty good, and Bishop is the anchor in this year’s back end.

  • Iittle Elliss is in an “OR” situation with Suguturaga at one DE, and converted TE Connor O’Toole must be an impressive athlete to be the 2 behind Fillinger at the other DE. O’Toole’s from Albuquerque, so he must be pretty tough.

  • Hard to go wrong with a couple of Pututau’s at one DT, and Junior Tafuna was a monster as a FR. Aliki Vimahi is behind Tafuna, continues the Kahuku pipeline.

Looking through the roster & comparing to the depth chart, we have so much more talent than even 5 years ago. So, somebody like Caine Savage being the 2 at NB is actually pretty meaningful. I don’t see anyone on the 2 deep that hasn’t already gotten past some serious talent.


Sione Vaki signed a couple of years ago and this will be his true freshman year. He had picks in both scrimmages. I think he will be good, but the one portal guy we will miss is the safety who signed with Wisconsin.