Depth at running back spot, or, RB by committee

Moss is the king, and we will be best when he is back. But we do have an embarrassment of riches at the running back position. Here’s how the snaps have been distributed among RBs so far this season:

Moss: 127
Brumfield: 102
DHC: 62
Wilmore: 54
Green: 6

DHC seemed to emerge against Washington state. I don’t know if that means he’ll get more snaps in the future, or if he simply was thought to be the best tool to use against Wazzu. He seems to be more of a “speed back” then a “yards after contact” back. Anyway, I liked what he did last Saturday night.

Not sure I’d go with “embarrassment of riches” . Make no mistake, it’s Moss and then the others. Not sold that others will fair well against UW

I tend to agree with LAUte. It seems like we are stacked at the RB position, and I think both Brumfield and DHC are going to excel. They both gained some tough yards against Washington State, and I was impressed. The potential seems to be there with Wilmore, but he is very young. It may be a bit before he really emerges, but if he continues to work and build his body, he could be great.

I have to concede, a2ute, that Washington will be the real test—that will tell us whether we have an embarrassment of riches—but I think our guys are up for the challenge. I think a lot of teams in the Pac would be thrilled to have our crew.

Of course, I’ve also been called a hopeless optimist, so there’s that. :slight_smile:

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I agree about DHC.
Watching that game Saturday he was clearly the best backup for Moss.
Willmore is a Frosh so he may be super special given a year in the system and weight room.
It seems odd now that I was stressing Shyne leaving after last season… don’t get me wrong I really wish he was still here, just not stressing it anymore.


I am a Brumfield guy. He can move the pile, can catch, and is a good blocker. Watch him make the block in the WSU game that springs Vickers for the TD.

DHC runs hard and he’s quicker, but he can’t block.

Wilmore may well be the future, but so far I have seen a guy who’s not ready.

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I thought Brumfield did great against USC - I get the committee move with Wazzu, but I expect we’ll see more of Brumfield when it is about running violently.

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I liked what I saw from Green last season. I guess he’s buried in the depth chart. I will be interested in seeing how the transfer portal affects these players and other “stacked” positions. I expect to see movement in the off season.

I think Brumfield is the most complete backup and really the only back that is proficient at blocking and blitz pickup. DHC is a great change of pace guy, but you can’t afford to have him as your no. 1 against DLs like Washington. No slight to DHC…we have a solid RB room.

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Like most fans I don’t always appreciate the importance of blocking by our RBs. If you run for 5ypc but miss every blocking assignment you are going to sit.

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DHC was a pleasant surprise to me. I thought he was more of a scat back but he showed some real up-the-middle toughness.


Plug and play is a good sign that the OL is decent as well.

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Green was battling injuries through camp and the early season