See updated schedule below.

Isn’t the 0’fer bowl (AZs) at 5?

Yup. I need to learn to go off of the PAC-12 website, not somebody’s tweet. Not to say that there can’t be a typo on their site. Thanks for catching that.

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Dang, I really like night games.

So I need to get to the store for chorizo, flour tortillas, and hash browns.

Gotta have a tailgate breakfast burrito if I am doing a 10am kickoff. Anything less would be un-American.


And we got basketball game too that day. Gonna be fun.

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Aren’t we playing another mid-major that day in basketball?

Some blue team from some little conference. They talk too much ■■■■ for not being very good.


On the bright side, you can watch this game in your pajamas while eating breakfast.


I do that already. But on Sunday morning on the dvr after a 10:30PM Saturday local start for me