Deep dive into Coach K's contract

I think it’s funny how much time they spent on the country club memberships.

Given that contract that’s a drop in the bucket cost wise. And Hidden Valley is cheaper than The Club.

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Agree. And in some ways, being part of a club is to help the university/athletic dept. by having the coach rub shoulders with potential donors to fundraise. Part of a head coaches job is to assist in fundraising (part of the pay for appearances, media, etc.). So the cost is likely offset by the benefits. Good for the families of coaches though.

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Bingo! I am sure that country club memberships generally pay for themselves through additional donations.

Depends on what the coach does with the membership. One or two donations annually would cover the cost of the membership. (I think–I’m not a member, no country club would have me.)

Would you want to belong to a country club that would have you as a member?


Rick’s bar tab at the Manhattan Club…

Probably not, unless they chose me for my dashing good looks. Then I would know they’re a really smart and sophisticated group worth joining.

LOL! Isn’t that Rodney Dangerfield joke.


Groucho Marx.


I thought the PAC12 would do great things for Utah basketball. But the Utes only made it to the tourney twice in the last decade, the lowest number of times per decade since the 40’s.


hush you, moose might get offended that you’re not kneeling at LK’s desk in deference to LK’s coaching abilities.