Death, taxes, and Utah basketball giving up at least 5 points in the last 30 seconds of any half of basketball

It’s one of the most frustrating things about Larry’s teams, through the years. They simply cannot close out a half. The game/clock management is consistently terrible, going all the way back to Wright/Poeltl.

Otherwise, they are looking pretty good tonight. This is going to be a roller coaster season.

It’s maddening. Unbelievably incompetent.

Slight topic change. Does Rylan head out on a mission next year or is he even LDS?

No to both.


This is gonna be a Huntley sophomore year kind of year me thinks.

Woooot! Down goes the mighty Ohio Bobcats. With this win swinging me back from despair, I’m expecting at least a Sweet-16 run this year. Come the next loss I’ll be calling for Larry’s head again.



Don’t forget inbounding the ball.

Yeah, that was painful…

It’s probably a good thing Majerus is past having to worry about that. If in some sort of metaphysical existence, he is watching the last 2 minutes of any Ute Basketball half, he 's probably risking metaphysical strokes or heart attacks every time…

OK, I said I was going to stop bitching - and I’ve broken my promise… I’m back in line now.


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