Death of a close friend

I decided to reach out to a good friend today who I hadn’t been able to reach in several months because his phone had been disconnected. Today I decided I would google his work info so I could get in touch with him. What I found was his obituary, and that he died in a car accident in November, only a few days after our last conversation.

Seeing that we both had busy lives and lived relatively far away from one another, I wasn’t alarmed when I didn’t hear from him and assumed he was experiencing some work or personal related issues. I figured that I would get a hold of him. Turns out his phone was destroyed in the crash.

He was a genuinely good man and cared deeply about people. During the time I knew him we had countless compelling conversations about all kinds of topics, most notably mental healthcare in the educational system.

He helped me in ways I will never forget, and I feel proud to have considered him a friend. He always motivated me to be better. This comes as a huge shock and I consider it a tremendous loss. I spoke with his wife today and I can’t imagine the heartache and difficulties they have experienced as a result of this. I read that he had no life insurance policy in place when he died.

No words.

I am SO sorry for your loss, and his family’s loss - he obviously died WAY TOO YOUNG.

It is very hard to lose someone that meant as much as he clearly did to you, and particularly hard to lose them at a time in their life and in a manner that you would never have expected.

Hang in there…

I met him only once for a short conversation, but he made an unforgettable impression on me. He was one of the rare people who have that effect on others. A real loss.

I’m very sorry for your loss of a great friend. I wish I had the words to truly comfort you, and his family. I hope that over time you can keep the good memories fresh, and that time will lessen the pain of loss.

I’m sorry I can’t say or give you the words you need.

I share everyone’s sympathy for yourself, your friend and his family. I worked in emergency medicine many years ago and now, working at the Huntsman, I have seen many people whom suffer from early demise. But I think that to be taken so suddenly in an accident is perhaps worse than going through cancer.
At least with cancer people have time: time to share memories. To settle disputes to give and received love and affection of friends and family and to help arrange one’s legacy.
Take care

Deaths by accident are so abrupt and usually leave no time for closure. (Unlike someone dying from a long illness or old age where you anticipate it occurring) So sad for your loss.