Dang! Looks like the SEC is not having a good week this week

Super surprised about the A&M loss, The Alabama 1 point win (Say hello to Rank #1 Georgia). Looks like the SEC is not as sharp as I thought they were.

Also, it was really good for Wazzu to beat Wisconsin.

I think overall this is a good thing for the Pac12 as we don’t really want the P2 conferences.

Also, Sunbelt conference is the biggest conference on the rise the past 3 seasons. . .I thought with AAC getting poached the MWC would be the best G5, Sunbelt looks to be taking the reins though.

True. Wazzu beating Wisconsin on the road is huge. Also, it looks like BYU has a great chance at going undefeated if they can get past Oregon next week. Your schedule looks a lot easier all of a sudden with ND crapping the bed.


TDS will lose to the Razorbacks later this year