DAMN! R.I.P. John Prine

Coronavirus got him.

One of our most profound and insightful songwriters, Prine had the misfortune to peak while his genre (folk music) was out of fashion. I could post a dozen great songs but I’ll just leave this one.

I had the privilege of seeing John Prine live at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. I posted a video from that performance in the music thread. He was a great songwriter and conveyed so much in such an understated performance. The vibe on the hill was incredible. I am sad that he is gone.


I posted his first album earlier up the thread, you might see it. I bought my first guitar because of that album. I love so much of his stuff, but I really dug “Quiet Man” That really stood out as a interesting song.
“Oodles of light, what a beautiful sight. Both of God’s eyes are shining tonight”


Saw him in Burlington Vermont 25 years ago with Dave Grisman. They pretty much just accompanied each other. Really special and intimate performance.


I really liked his music.

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That would have been great. One of my favorite records is David Grisman and Jerry Garcia.

RIP John, he was one of the best songwriters of all time.

Throw his brain in a hurricane, the blind can have his eyes, the deaf can take both of his ears if they don’t mind the size.

Long live The Happy Enchilada

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Another forum faux pas, (cuz I already posted this) but this is specifically an “Old And In The Way” song of theirs - which is from an old traditional. I’m sure you’ll recognize it.
These chicks are amazing! They’re sisters
You can feel the love
They’re the ones from that “The Weight” video