Damar Hamlin injury

Sorry, not being callous, but that looked like a helmet compressed his chest… they gotta call the game.

I would assume he did. It’s bad. Very bad.

It’s interesting that they couldn’t show the final awards (even though we didn’t win) of a college Premier bowl game cuz thry had to cut to a Monday night football game, but now they can’t decide whether or not to keep a game going when a human being f****** DIES on the field. what the f*** is going on? like where are our priorities?!!

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They just called it off. Looks like no one wants to be the first to break the bad news. The ambulance drove off more like a hearse than an emergency vehicle.

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This is Damar Hamlin’s marketing representative and friend.


He might - after sudden cardiac arrest - be stable enough for immediate transfer without need of another accident. They could have prolly got Air Med to land on the field. I didn’t see if they were doing compressions on the stretcher. Maybe they cardioverted the arrythmia.
Everyone hopes for the best.


I’m wondering if he had suffered commotio cordis, which happens when blunt force trauma of the chest occurs at a precise moment at the beginning of the t-wave of the cardiac cycle. It’s very rare, but it is prevalent in young males playing baseball, where there are frequent hits to the chest by baseballs. But it can happen to football players if the hit is at the right moment.

But I do not know anything, and I’m just some random dude on the internet.


Side note, it looks like Jeremy Renner also suffered Blunt Force Trauma to his chest and an orthopedic injury. 2023 is starting off pretty weird

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Read one article that said “blunt force chest trauma” and another that said he ran over one of his legs with the snowblower and they had to use a tourniquet to keep him from bleeding out. No idea what actually happened.

I’ve read it as both. It sounds like a freak accident. As we age we probably should hire people to do that work. Moreso if we make the $ to pay for it and an injury could be traumatic.

Back to the Hamlin. It appears he may pull through according to doctors because they did get his heart going on the field.

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Though it wouldn’t have changed the result in this situation, how long until the NFL imposes a targeting rule?

For someone in Renner’s financial position, sure.

For most people who barely get by as is…not so much.


This was more my point. One of the more affluent men in my community was on his roof at 73 cleaning leaves and fell on his head. Fam lost a Dad and a major bread winner.

If you are average citizen I get it.

I’m talking to myself here. My ■■■ barely not killing myself every year when clearly I can afford to hire someone.

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The Sheriff’s office said their major accident investigation team is handling the incident. That means it involves a vehicle most likely.


My big “high up” issues are cleaning rain gutters and trimming trees.

Luckily my kids do the rain gutters for me and the electric pole saw help keep me on the ground. Dodging the falling branches can get a little dicey though.


Have you tried rain guards? Have worked well for us.

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I shudder to remember jumping off roofs as a kid, hit the ground, roll and laugh. Now a 3 foot fall off a ladder can be a game changer.


The shocks ain’t what they used to be.

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