Dak Prescott

Damn, anyone else see that run he was injured on? If you have hope you feel ok. If you haven’t, DO NOT watch. It’s on par with Alex, Theisman, and Napolean Kaufman.

Being a Cowboys fan, that’s a tough one to see go down. As a Cowboys fan, I’m glad that we have Andy Dalton. Not that the NFC East is particularly good this year, but still.

Gotta feel bad for Dak. On the day Alex is back on the field, Dak goes down. Hope he heals well.

That was horrific. Seeing his foot pointing 90 degrees the wrong way made me NOPE right out of the room.

Man, the Cowboys ■■■■■■ Dak over by not paying him.

me too. That was a particularly nasty injury.

Hard to ■■■■■ about a $35MM franchise tag, but I understand what you mean.

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