D-News reporting Banton under investigation for rape connected to Perriman's case


While painful from a PR standpoint, it sounds like the U actually made the connection known to SL Police. That, combined with the suspension from the program, shows they’re taking the appropriate actions to get this investigated and dealt with.

It’s still unclear why Lund was suspended.

sigh, it’s sad to see that these issues have come up. I am glad to see that the Whit is being proactive in mitigating damage. I hope the victims are or will be ok. If these players are guilty, I hope that they are punished appropriately. If not guilty, I hope that they can move on, and learn not to put themselves in situations where things can be interpreted this way.

Regardless, I’m glad that Whit is being proactive.


Yeah, they say he’s out straightening things out, not sure why he’d be suspended for that.

I’d have to add that I wish more young women wouldn’t put themselves in positions where their safety is at risk. That doesn’t excuse perpetrators, and it’s not really fair that we have to teach our daughters to do things like walk with a key between their fingers to help inflict more damage on some creep who attacks them, but understanding how to minimize personal risk is part of the real world.

I don’t even know what to say to this post. But wow man.

But I will say this, you shouldn’t jump to any conclusions based off what is reported in the media, you really shouldn’t.

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That’s exactly why I said it should be investigated. Just noted what the press was reporting.

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