D-I College football thread, non-Utah edition

shocking … not


This is an odd sports website. Did y’all listen to the video which accompanies this article?

With U$C losing defensive players to the portal, playing a team were you will need one to compete means dumping the game is better than absorbing a loss.

They will be getting plenty of those in the B1G.


That sounds right. Being a youngster in the Big Ten will be quite a lift for a few years.

Not sure what the article says (I don’t support Clay Travis and Whitlock so won’t click) but the series was dropped by Ole Miss due to the SEC’s pending move to 9 game conference schedule. It’s hilarious nobody wanted it till Saban retired. It’s the one thing he wanted and they waited till he was gone.


The video at the top of this article is about how feminism is an act against god.

from their About Us section -

OutKick drives the national conversation about sports and American culture with original, smart, fearless reporting along with common sense analysis. Questioning the consensus and exposing the destructive nature of “woke” activism, OutKick is the antidote to the mainstream sports media that often serves an elite, left-leaning minority instead of the American sports fan. Owned by Fox Corporation, OutKick was founded by Clay Travis in 2011 and is based in Nashville.

I recognize that many of you already know this information. This is the first time that I have seen this site. I am not on social media, the reels, etc., so I only see websites for which I type a URL. I don’t watch or listen to sports commentary.

I assume that this article was posted instead of any other article about the USC-Ole Miss contract because it came up first in some aggregator and not because @sweetgrass wanted to post this specific media outlet.

Good. I’ve had the misfortune to hear snippets of his show with some guy named Buck Sexton. So, Clay and Buck. They should be called Cluck and Bay.


As a sports commentator and human being Clay Travis ranks somewhere below Skip Bayless.


Western Oregon inks two D-I programs for the start of their 2024 schedule.

Do you think these programs are paying WOU to play?


It might be interesting to see Utah begin to schedule Western Oregon and its fellow former GNAC football member Central Washington in the coming seasons.

These teams, orphaned to the LSC, could become members of a new west-centered conference with our Utes and, perhaps, OSU and WSU, in the future.

I have a soft spot for Northwestern.
I am excited to see the new digs when the time arrives.

The article says they will play some games at Wrigley field while the new stadium is being built. I have vague memories of the Bears playing games there…and the outfield wall right behind the back of the endzone.

They could have at least left the warning track intact for the benefit of the receivers.


2025 college football recruiting class rankings: Top 40 schools
ESPN+ article (archive.today snapshot)

There are a number of Big 12 teams in this list.
Note, the list does contain 40, despite the headline in the article. :wink:

Any predictions regarding which D-IA teams will fall to D-IAA competition this season?

I’ll start with NDSU over CU.

Others -

  • Portland State over Washington State

  • Northern Iowa over Nebraska

  • Northern Iowa over Hawaii

  • Eastern Washington over Nevada


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