Anyone else pay attention to cryptocurrency? Interesting stuff today.

Only in regard that it is the currency of choice for the local crime families.

How does that differ from fiat? :wink:


Only in passing. What was going on today?

That most recent fork of original bitcoin (to restore it to the original) had a 200% surge, supposedly because the guy who claims to be the creator was going to deliver proof of some kind in a court case. Lot of drama around all that, but probably more than what you’ve been exposed to from the sounds of it.

A bit more than I’ve paid attention to.


I got sucked into the drama. It has been entertaining.

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It’s like watching Dynasty, except, instead of the people being fake, it’s the money that’s fake.



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Again… how does that differ from fiat? :grimacing:

Haha yep… Not much dumping yet though

Okay, if fiat money is fake, please give me all your fiat money. I’ll take it in cash or check!

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I would happily trade it for any fake crypto you might have… if the fake exchange seems like a good deal :wink: