Criminal Justice System

We are witnessing firsthand the different criminal justice systems that exist for those with money and those without. 17 years ago when he was 23, Kobe Bryant was charged with forcible rape of a 19 year old woman. He denied the charges, but in an interview after Kobe’s death, the prosecutor stated that he believed the evidence would have produced a conviction had Bryant not reached a monetary agreement with his accuser after which she refused to voluntarily testify. Based on her unwillingness to testify the charges were withdrawn. During the 12 months that the charges were pending, Bryant continued as a member of the Lakers. Fast forward 17 years and we have 20 year old Terrell Perriman charged with the rape of a 17 year old accuser. Perriman likely does not have the resources for high priced lawyers or a financial settlement with his accuser. He will not (and IMO) and should not be a member of the Utah football program while the charges are pending, It is possible that both Kobe and Terrell are guilty of what their accusers stated. It is possible that they are both innocent. All I know is that their economic positions mean that equal justice cannot be achieved.

Exceedingly well written and deffinitve in conclusion.