Cricket!?! USA USA USA!

I figured we needed something to compete with the “non division 1 football” thread.

The Cricket equivalent of the 1980 USA Men’s Hockey Team may be playing out here. Their next match is against Cricket’s “Soviet” team…India. India has been owning Cricket titles for the last 20 years.


considering the insane population base they have to select from, there seems to be a gross imbalance in talent pools, regardless of American inexperience. China and India are so huge in population they should be forced to subdivide in 2 at the very least.


The joke, but there’s truth to it, is that the India H1B team beat Pakistan. 5 of the top 11 US cricketeers are Indian-born, 2 are Pakistani, 3 are British.

BTW, not to derail this conversation, and ‘illegal’ immigration dominates the headlines, but the workforce immigration system is messed up (let go from H1B job? Have 60 days to find new job/sponsor before you’re out - and have 3 years + 3 before new status or have to leave for a year before applying again). Serious brain drain to Canada. I’d bet Canada’s cricket team is similar to the US team. I still prefer Australian rules football to watch a game I don’t understand that seems bonkers to this uneducated sports fan.