Creepiest / weirdest TV ad in recent memory: Col Sanders & Mrs. Butterworth

How did that freakish commercial make it to the air?

I don’t ever want to meet whoever came up with that marketing idea. They have to be on acid. Geez.

Weirder than Col Sanders having a beer with Alice Cooper?

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I actually think it is pretty funny

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I love all the uproar over the current Peloton commercial, the one where the guy gives his skinny wife a Peloton for Xmas and she does selfie videos over the next year and shares a collection of them the next Xmas.

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Well done. That was the real Col Sanders. I think he was starting to lose it by then, was probably thinking “is THIS the price to be paid to get this damn chicken business off the ground? Well, OK, then.”

I read a great book called the Bluegrass Conspiracy, that involved a lot of big league organized crime in Kentucky with some big names. Col Sanders was involved, he was fleeced out of his business by a guy named John Y. Brown, who became the Governor of Kentucky and married Phyllis George, Miss-America & NFL TV broadcast lady (the first time they involved women reporters & football games).

Col Sanders was pretty bitter at how he got the KFC franchises for Canada, while John Y. Brown because seriously wealthy on what became KFC.

The book’s a great read, non-fiction, involving drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, the Colombian cartel & tangential connections to people like Adnan Khashoggi, Saudi arms trafficker and the founder of the Triad Center & International Center in Salt Lake, and NFL wide receiver hall-of-famer Lance Allworth.

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