COVID-19 shopping question - Clorox Wipes?

Sorry if this sounds to most of you like a stupid question, but…

I’m doing all the shopping, as my wife has respiratory issues, and I’m doing everything I can to minimize her risk.

I have figured out a strategy for virtually everything we need, including:

  1. Harmon’s eSHOP for most food items,
  2. Online (to a level I’ve never engaged prior to COVID-19) shopping for anything non-perishable,
  3. Curbside pickup, for items that I cannot find via 1, or 2, (lots of places are doing this now).
  4. Masks - we’re sewing our own,
  5. doing without, for items that I cannot manage by one of the above,

So far, that leaves only Clorox Wipes, of which I am about out. No one sells them online, Harmon’s never has then in stock, no one (that I have found) makes them available for curbside pickup.

I’ve heard through the grapevine on a few occasions, that, so-and-so has them in stock, dropped everything to go and pick some up, only to find that by the time I got there, the stock had recently disappeared. (As an aside, most stores will not answer the phone to give stock updates.)

I don’t need a lot, but having some to clean surfaces, like the interior of the car, etc. is critical to my overall safety plan.

Anyone have a strategy they are willing to share?

I’m not having any luck finding them either.

I use these at home. They’re food service grade, same stuff used to clean your tables and sanitize EVERYTHING in a restaurant. There is a liquid version around, but it’s expensive. Keep a bucket of this handy, 1 or 2 tablets per gallon of water, safer than bleach, smells better too.


I took a empty disinfectant wipes container, bought a package of baby wipes, made a diluted solution of bleach (I’ve heard suggested about 5-10% bleach and the rest water) which I poured into the container, then put some baby wipes inside to soak in the solution.

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If I see any I’ll grab them for you. Seems like I saw some at Macey’s in Oly Hills Mall a week or two ago, but not 100% sure on that.

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Thanks! Won’t take the place of every Clorox Wipe use, but seems like a great solution (no pun intended) for some surfaces. My order is on the way…

Thanks - I’ll try it! Baby wipes are a good idea - I’ve tried with paper towel, but they towels themselves don’t hold up very well…

Wow! That’s a generous offer @RockerUte! Let me know if I can return the favor in my shopping efforts some where…

You’re very welcome. Nice thing, you don’t have to wear gloves, unless you want to do so.