Covid 19 Returns

Well, you have to pay down the credit card somehow.


I would charge a restocking fee equivalent to the cost of goods.

Reality is they can’t take that stuff back because it’s presumed to be contaminated.


I’ve seen a number of places who will not accept toilet paper, hand sanitizer and a few other hoarded goods as returns. That is the right move.


My neighborhood Harmon’s posted a sign saying “no returns or refunds” about 6 days after the hoarding started. I asked the manager, and she mentioned that people were trying to return meat, produce and milk that they had over purchased and was now spoiling.

I guess that’s what happens when people with a “room temperature IQ”, are given a debit card.


I need an old person…ok, I am an old person…reset, a person old enough to get the Senior Preference to buy me my Costco pack of TP. It’s been several months since I bought any, and I’m down to my last four rolls. Yes, even guys like me with those “fancy” toilets that wash my bottom need some TP to finish the job.

This time next week could be a crisis. Pray for me. :wink:

I picked up a prized package of two ply last week at senior hour at Fresh Market. There are ways. :grin:

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No! Costco is the ONLY place you can buy hoarded products. Definitely won’t find any in the lesser supermarkets that I frequent to get… other supplies.