COVID-19 Discussion (No Politics)

Lost taste and smell today. So that’s fun.

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We just came back from a conference in Austin and virtually no one, anywhere was wearing a mask.
We wore a mask out and certainly through the airport also during the lectures with virtually no one wearing masks
Apparently Covid is over…
Hope you are much better soon

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Yikes, that’s no fun!!! A good friend had it a few months ago, and lost his sense of taste and smell, but both completely returned after several weeks - get better quickly!!


It’s not over. It’s just not as scary as it initially as. It’s endemic now, like the flu.


The biggest part is that it’s not novel anymore. 95%+ now have some level of antibodies due to vaccines, catching it, or being exposed to it. There are still vulnerable parts of the population, but we arlso have some treatments to keep more people alive through it.


Thats well and good, but its still a weird and vicious disease with a vascular/multi system potentiality. Anecdotally, I know of a number of otherwise healthy folks who suffered - and still suffer - from chronic, maybe perminant challenges.

It’s not a character building experience. I’m amazed I havent gotten it yet - and within reason - will endeavor to avoid it.


This is my biggest fear.

I’m a relatively young (48), relatively fit (non-smoker, non-drinker who runs 15-20 miles a week), not obese (6’, 205), vaxxed and boosted person with no risk factors (otherwise healthy) and this has pretty much floored me over the last couple days. What if this cough doesn’t go away? What if my taste and smell don’t come back? What if I’m always winded walking up stairs? What if the brain fog doesn’t clear?

These things are weighing on me, ngl.


Yours are both great reminders of why it’s still important to do your best to avoid this disease. Most of the people that I know who have had it, at least the most recent variant, have come through it relatively unscathed, but most were sick enough that they would never want to have it again.

Anecdotally, I have a neighbor, near our farmhouse in southern Idaho, a formerly healthy 68 year-old retiree, who had it in the fall of 2020. He suffered pretty dramatically for a month or so, but avoided hospitalization. He has, however, never fully recovered, and has had one significant health problem after another. In early August, he called to say that his health problems had become so overwhelming that he was no longer able to cut my lawn for me, even with his grandson’s help

It is horrible to see what has happened to him. And while some of the health issues he’s had may be coincidental, he is convinced that they are ALL a result of COVID.


The odds are in your favor. Kudos for doing the work.
Usually the healthier one is the better the recovery. But I do know of an otherwise healthy adult in his early 30’s with a similar profile who was fully vaxed and died.
Very strange disease.


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Not saying we have one.

I’m impressed with how well the software handles it though. Old-school message board technology would have choked a long time ago.

I think I need to go get a booster AND flu shot ASAP. Only had the one booster last November. Going to a small conference (few dozen people) in early October. I may mask even if I mask alone.

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We came back home from an expedition in Alaska and that night our teenage high-schooler tested positive for Covid. He had cough and flu/cold-like symptoms for 2 weeks before he tested negative.

Weirdly enough, neither me nor my wife got it.
We got initially vaccinated, then contracted it about a year ago or so, and then had two boosters - one in Nov '21, and one in Apr '22.

Neither of us tested positive (we did so twice), neither of us had any major enough symptoms to think we might be going through another round of it.

It’s hard for me to believe that my body is now that resistant to it, seeing as how when we got it initially about a year ago it crushed us for 3 weeks. But the vaccine and the boosters did their trick, apparently.

We are alive. And thriving.

Hang in there Skiny, it’ll get better.

EDIT: How long ago did the Omicron booster come out? I’m wondering if I should go back for a 3rd booster.

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We just got the new booster a week before travel to a conference, and since we had to swim through crowds of unmasked people (we wore masks except to eat and converse in packed restaurants) No Covid yet.
Most PhD Immunologist are smart enough to make a lot more money with their native intelligence, work ethic and altruism than creating effective vaccines.